Barta & Partner.

Barta & Partner has access to an extensive network on the art market – experienced restorers and appraisers such as those working with e. g. Christie’s Expert Services, Sotheby’s or the Viennese Dorotheum. This networking ensures that Barta & Partner can serve its clients in the best possible way. Barta & Partner are member of “The Art Loss Register”, a worldwide database for registering and service for recovering stolen works of art and other valuable possessions. We work for a better and more efficient market by following the principles of independence, discretion, professionalism and honesty. With ever-changing legal landscapes, we set the highest standards of due diligence, accountability, compliance and transactional safety for both, our business partners and ourselves. We consider ourselves as custodians of historical artefacts. By carefully selecting the objects and people with whom we conduct our business, we do everything to protect both, the artwork and its owner. 
Nikolaus S. Barta and Renate Barta

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

“Our networking ensures that Barta & Partner can serve its clients in the best possible way.”

Who we are.

When founding the Art-Insurance & Consulting Company Barta & Partner in 1996, Nikolaus S. Barta addressed an urgent need on the insurance market. Barta & Partner was specializing exclusively in insuring fine art, valuables and private properties. With its strong and innovative product portfolio and its unique service offers, Barta & Partner has not only become a well-established institution in the EU-market but also in Asia. Within a few years, the company has become a leading special art-insurance-company.

“Art is what you can get away with.” Andy Warhol

Nikolaus S. Barta, Founder and CEO. A competent team with extensive experience. Barta & Partner has been managed by insurance specialist Nikolaus Barta ever since it was founded. Barta can rely on extensive experience in the art insurance business as he took part in establishing the art insurance branch of Nordstern Insurance and subsequently worked for the AXA Group before he became a leading art-insurance broker with Barta & Partner.

GrEAt ARt @ mArc cHaGall

The exclusive “White Gloves Service” only for clients of Barta & Partner offers our customers a variety of special benefits: invitations to exhibitions and fairs, VIP cards for pre-opening visits and much more. Contact us for more information.

VP Basel


Sometimes only a few security measures suffice in order to prevent possible damage or loss. Barta & Partner works closely with independent security companies. In the case that one of our clients needs consulting, our experts can review existing security measures and provide advice as to how to protect the most valuable of objects even more effectively.


Advice on purchase or sale with its international network in the field of arts, Barta & Partner can also assist its clients in purchasing or selling objects of art. It is our utmost aim at Barta & Partner to convince clients with our individually designed products as well as our comprehensive service offers.


Trust plays an important role when it comes to insuring objects of fine art or valuable private property. Reliability, competence, and flexibility are therefore the basis of our philosophy at Barta & Partner. The focus is always on the client, the quality level is continuously kept at the highest and the commitment of our expert staff to our clients has practically no limits.


Our professional Art Strategy. We ensure we fully understand your artistic preferences and take into account any artwork you own already as well as the opportunities and constraints of your physical space, interiors scheme and financial budget. If you have an existing collection an audit is a good place to start and will allow us to gain a full understanding of the artwork you have as well as facilitate an up to date valuation for insurance or sale purposes.

Living up to our values @Barta & Partner

Courage - dare to be different
Quality - good enough is not enough
Integrity - true to our word
Excellence in execution - see it through, thoroughly

“Now there are no priests or philosophers left, artists are the most important people in the world.”

Gerhard Richter