FINE ART | Barta & Partner.
Second to none insuring art.

JEWELLERY | Barta & Partner.
Second to none insuring
valuable private property.


FINE ART | Barta & Partner.
Second to none insuring art.


Barta & Partner. Second to none
insuring valuable properties.


Barta & Partner.
Second to none insuring
classic cars & collections.


Barta & Partner. Second to
none insuring art.

Barta & Partner.
Second to none insuring fine art
and valuable private property.

“The art to acquire, to collect and to preserve the beautiful things in life“ is not only a slogan, it is the core element of ourphilosophy. Barta & Partner is inseparably connected with the international art market. We provide services for all art-related activities, including market analysis, transport, storage,  bartaart-bartapartner-nikolaus-barta-renate-schwarz-barta-art-insurance-kunstversicherung-3.jpgrisk management and legal advice. As your partner we help evaluate, sell and acquire art from all periods and assist you in building, maintaining and caring for your collection. Our exclusive access to collections worldwide enables us to engage in private treaty transactions while assuring complete discretion. With extensive experience in the international art market and a global network of vetted partners, we make sure that the assets you love are handled with the professionalism and care they deserve.
Renate Schwarz-Barta and Nikolaus S. Barta

 Barta & Partner is the only  consulting company specializing exclusively in insuring fine art and valuable private property. Numerous renowned clients trust our expertise and our service offers at Barta & Partner. All the agendas concerning artinsurance are now being represented by Renate Schwarz-Barta (BARTA M.A.I./Managing Art Insurance, GmbH/Ltd.) 

“Everything you can imagine is real.” - PABLO PICASSO 

  • B&P

    Mr Nikolaus Barta is a member of the B&P team, bringing over thirty years of insurable risk experience. This allows B&P to provide significant value to our public and private sector clients by identifying their insurance needs and delivering proven processes to obtain best value for money pricing.

  • Right Coverage - Right Price

    A recent report highlights the importance of independence in the analysis of insurable interests, validation of loss liability, and competitive tendering as the only way of getting the right coverage at the right price. This is what we do.

  • Experience matters

    Our extensive experience allows us to provide independent advice before our clients approach the market. We review an organisation’s Museums corporate risk register to identify its core insurable interests. Along with the client’s risk appetite, benchmarking data, market intelligence and tendering strategies, we can deliver significant additional value as well as savings, which can be in the range of 20% to 40%.

  • Values

    This new service offering is highly aligned with B&P core business of procuring value for our clients. We operate in a highly ethical manner, a critical aspect of our company’s core values.

→ Barta & Partner is the only consulting company specializing exclusively in insuring fine art and valuable private property.NIKOLAUS S. BARTA

Our services.

➜ Art Insurance

All the agendas concerning artinsurance within our company are now being looked after by Renate Schwarz-Barta (BARTA M.A.I. GmbH/Ltd.) When founding the Art Insurance & Consulting Company Barta & Partners in 1996, Nikolaus Barta addressed an urgent need on the insurance market. Within a few years, the company has become a successful international player in the art insurance business. Barta is the only consulting company specializing exclusively in insuring fine art and valuable private property. Numerous renowned clients trust our expertise and our service offers.

Inventory Management

The Barta & Partner team understands that your fine art collection has considerable financial, cultural and personal value, and requires specialist artwork protection and maintenance.


Barta & Partner looks to find ways to prevent damage from occurring, to slow down or stop active deterioration processes, and to repair already damaged works of art. Whether during transport, packaging, storage or display, our extensive experience in risk management helps provide reliable advice and support in all questions of conservational safety.

Storage & Logistics

We are always prepared for new challenges, whether this involves forwarding individual artworks or complex movements of entire collections that are handled on a national or international basis. Barta & Partner always is working with the best partners for each special task and maintains the best relations with auction houses and collectors of fine art. We guarantee that only the best care and diligence is brought to your artworks at all times.


Building an art collection is a rewarding experience, yet one that can be confusing for you due to the relative opacity of the art market. You may have a number of reasons to require additional research - either as the current or future owner of a work of art. Barta & Partner provides valuations in several fields that can serve as the basis for consignments, insurance and taxation.

Risk Solutions

When it comes to valuable fine arts collections, a broad risk management is crucial and an approach beyond simply procuring the proper insurance should be taken. Our range of specialist insurance can cover your collection - regardless of its location, size or value. Our risk-management offering is there to lower the chances of your ever suffering material damage to, or the loss of, your property.

Recovery and Restitution

Selected partners are members of the Art Loss Register, which uses databases to search. Barta & Partner is involved in the discovery, recovery and restitution of objects considered either looted or stolen. We also employ our own specialist in art theft - for unusual cases.

Inheritance and Taxation

Barta & Partner recognized early the importance tax related topics on the increasingly complex tax and reporting regulations affecting assets and heritage property. With our renowned and specialized partners from the tax and legal area, we can assist our clients. Our partners offer assistance in all legal and fiscal matters and in finding the exact solution for your needs - whether you are a buyer, seller or owner of fine art.

„There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person´s lawful prey. It´s unwise to pay too much, but it´s worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, so lose a little money - that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can´t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.“ 
JOHN RUSKIN, English social reformer 1819-1900

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"The art to acquire, to collect and to preserve the beautiful things in life“ is not only a slogan.Nikolaus S. Barta