Fine Art Insurance Policies Prove Worth During Disasters…


Fine Art Insurance Policies Prove Worth During Disasters

The year started off badly for the Albany Museum of Art in Georgia, when a massive tornado ripped off a section of the roof and caused damage to approximately 1,500 items, many of which were sub-Saharan African art. The good news is that the museum building and its contents were fully insured, and every one of the objects is in the process of being restored.

Can homeowners with a large or small art collection be as sure of the protection of their prized possessions if some natural disaster – earthquake, fire, flood, hurricane, mudslide or tornado – were to strike? As the number and intensity of natural disasters appears to increase every year, attributed in whole or in part by scientists to climate change, it makes sense for collectors of valuable art and other objects to obtain the most protective insurance policies.

“Climate change is a great concern to the art insurance industry, particularly because of the hurricanes we are seeing,” said Colin Quinn, director of claims management at AXA Art Insurance. “Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call for many people, because it caused extensive damage to art in galleries in New York City and in private homes in Long Island, but up and down the east coast there is a large number of art collections that future hurricanes may reach.”  FOTO: The Rockport Center for the Arts as seen after Hurricane Harvey. Courtesy of the Rockport.

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