Barta & Partner proud partner of Austrian Pavilion/La Biennale di Venezia 2018


Barta & Partner partner of Austrian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia.

Thoughts Form Matter

The Austrian contribution Thoughts Form Matter is a plea for the power of architecture as an intellectual analysis of the world and for the freedom to design spaces that are not subject to functional and economic constraints. LAAC, Henke Schreieck and Sagmeister & Walsh are creating a conceptually and materially complex spatial installation which draws together inside and outside, vertical and horizontal the historic pavilion and the language of contemporary architecture and design.

Thoughts Form Matter is giving rise to spaces which will enable us to perceive those qualities that the architects and designers are seeking to produce in their work. In their contributions the teams understand “free space” as both a spatial and a spiritual construct, as a complex dynamic system and as a versatile realm which is shaped by coexistence. Concepts such as “deviation”, “atmosphere” and “beauty” become tangible in a three-part, converging spatial installation.

In the work “Sphere” LAAC addresses free space in the form of a spatial deviation. A curved, circular surface is inscribed within the pavilion, revealing itself as the segment of a sphere. A reference to the earth at a scale of  the spherical volume decentralises the symmetrical building. The reflective surface of the curved floor opens up a multitude of spatial relationships. One sees oneself where one isn’t while, at the same time, one visualises the place in which one is standing. Thus, the mirror becomes an instrument of deviation rather than symmetry and opens up visual and notional spaces of possibility. This place oscillates between the absolute spatial idea of the pavilion and a relative approach which establishes relationships between and combines the various elements of the exhibition…

FOTO: Georg Petermichl

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